Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Live Your Dream

Six years ago I drove down a street in my hometown. It was the same street where my friends and I would stop in after school at the local pizza joint, and then head next door to the ice cream shop. As I approached the pizza shop, I noticed a "For Rent" sign in the… Continue reading Live Your Dream

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Why I will never fold laundry again, unless I’ve personally washed it myself

After a long day at the boutique, I came home to an empty house. Heaven! The husband and the kids were out. Nice! Alone time. The house was mine all mine. Well, mine and my pups. In my elation, I ran upstairs to put on my pjs and get all snuggled up to watch some… Continue reading Why I will never fold laundry again, unless I’ve personally washed it myself

Holidays & All Things Chaotic, Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Telling the Truth…About Santa

A few years back, we told our oldest about Santa. He was eleven at the time. And by 'we' I mean my husband, because in all actuality, I was a coward, and just couldn't bring myself to destroy my son's childhood. And guess what? It did not go well. So when my middle turned eleven… Continue reading Telling the Truth…About Santa

Holidays & All Things Chaotic, Life & Love & Lessons Learned

It’s That Time of Year Again…

I’ll admit it. I love this time of year. When the days grow shorter, and the air becomes crisp, and the smell of a wood burning stove permeates from house to house, I revert to a child-like state. It’s the beginning of the holiday season. From November to January, I am in a perpetual good… Continue reading It’s That Time of Year Again…

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Love Worth Fighting For

Three weeks before our wedding, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was just 29 years old. I remember the oncologist telling us to cancel the wedding and our Hawaiian honeymoon, as he would need surgery right away, possible chemo & radiation.  But he was unwavering. "I've waited my whole life for this woman.… Continue reading Love Worth Fighting For

Back to School & Such Tragedies, Life & Love & Lessons Learned

And how was your week?

Last week was rough. I was pooped on by my dog, chased after a fox to save my chickens, had my poor little ear skin burned by a 410 degree curling iron, poked myself in the eye with a tweezers, and had an ongoing fight with a fly that just would not retreat. Throw in… Continue reading And how was your week?

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

When it all falls apart…

I know what you're thinking, and why this scares you. Things may change. Your life may change. Your head tells you to keep it all in, keep it quiet. Swallow it down and keep it to yourself. But your heart is heavy, and holding it all in has been wreaking havoc on your mascara. It's… Continue reading When it all falls apart…

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

A Fox in the Hen House…Well…Almost.

So y'all know I have chickens. Five, to be exact - after learning the one that I personally picked out, was indeed a roo. Oh, and after the two we 'adopted' from my daughter's classroom, decided to escape. (yes, that's what we've told the kids)  So now there are five. And I'm not gonna lie,… Continue reading A Fox in the Hen House…Well…Almost.