Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Mr. Monk & the Coronavirus

Quick question because I honestly don't even know anymore. What day is it? What time is it?  Um...Month? I feel like I'm in Vegas, but without the winnings, the nightlife, or all things exciting. This Coronacation kinda sucks. At first it wasn't bad. Sleeping in. Nice! Not having to pack backpacks and lunches, 5 days… Continue reading Mr. Monk & the Coronavirus

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Cancer Hits Home

When I first opened my boutique, a woman came in with two little boys. They were running all throughout the store, in and out of clothing racks,  and in between the "Don't touch anything" and "Come here right now!" she kept apologizing. As a mom of three kids, I get it. It's almost impossible to… Continue reading Cancer Hits Home

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Making the Leap from Small Business to Chain Store…

Since opening my boutique 7 years ago, I've been compared to another local boutique just one town away. We both offer on-trend, women's fashions, jewelry & accessories. We both offer weekly online sales. Our stores have a similar laid-back vibe. On the surface, sure, we are similar. To the outsider looking in, sure. Over the… Continue reading Making the Leap from Small Business to Chain Store…

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

A Year of Mundane & Magic

I've been reading a lot of New Year's resolutions on Facebook, a lot of recaps of 2019 from my friends, family and virtual strangers. I've read about marriages, proposals, babies and new ventures that occurred in 2019 and the big question, with a child-like excitement, "What will 2020 bring?" But what if none of that… Continue reading A Year of Mundane & Magic

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Enjoying Christmas Even After it’s Gone.

So it's three days after Christmas. The excitement, the anticipation, the's all over. According to my Facebook memories, by this date every year, the decorations are already taken down, and there is no trace of Christmas left in the house. Goodbye red ribbons and bows, goodbye mantle garland, goodbye poinsettias. But not this year.… Continue reading Enjoying Christmas Even After it’s Gone.

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It’s Okay to Say “No” – Even on Christmas Day

So for the past fifteen years, I've been hosting Christmas Eve. It's a night filled with food & family, of music & merriment. I look forward to it...oh, starting sometime in May. Just a day or so before Christmas Eve, the baking begins; it's tradition. My mom comes over and we bake - and bake… Continue reading It’s Okay to Say “No” – Even on Christmas Day