Life & Love & Lessons Learned

The Rolodex

I started a blog. And now my brain is like a rolodex, pulling out memories and deciding if I should call them up. Do I write about everything that’s happened to me in my 49 years? Do I write about my life at all? And who’s gonna read it anyway? I mean, how many “bloggers” are in this world right now and aren’t we just satisfying our narcissistic tendencies by writing? Or is it deeper than that?

It’s deeper than that.

Writing our stories and sharing them, connects us to people in a completely different way. Opening yourself up, sharing pain or heartache, anecdotes and lessons learned, creates a vulnerability. And if a reader can connect with something you’ve written, it may perhaps inspire them to share their story. It could perhaps validate their own experiences.

When I lectured at the University of Massachusetts in Boston on my survival of abuse, I found that my story encouraged others to share their own survival story. I found that some of the girls and women I’d spoken to were still involved, and stuck around to ask questions. It created a bond between us that I’ll never forget. And if sharing those horrific accounts of abuse could spare even ONE girl from what I’d gone through, it was all worth it.

When I write about my business and share the fact that I’d lost it all. I lost my customers, lost my storefront, and lost my confidence – why on God’s green earth would I embarrass myself like that? Here’s why. Because I didn’t give up. Because I overcame that obstacle and now my business is better than ever. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to do something. You’re scared. You’re fearful. Now you read a story about someone who went through it and it gives you a renewed faith in yourself. “If she can do it, so can I!” Yes! Yes, you can!

That’s why I’m writing. I’ve pretty much gone through it all. I’ve dealt with abuse, love & loss of love, miscarriages & births, death of a loved one. I’ve been betrayed, and I’ve been beat down. But I know I’m not alone in any of that. I know there are those who’ve gone through worse. I know there are those with stories inside them, just aching to be told.

This is why I write. If I continue to open up my life, perhaps one of these stories will unleash the desire in one of my readers. We all have a story to tell. We all have importance. Our lives have meaning.

What’s in your Rolodex?


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