Life & Love & Lessons Learned

My Happily Ever After

So, y’all know I’m a big believer in The Secret. Ask. Believe. Receive. Three small words with immense power. It’s my mantra. I firmly believe that what you think about, you bring about. If you do a lot of negative self-talk and self-doubt, your brain will listen and give you those things. Because you told it to.

But oh the joy when you tell yourself positive things; when you ask for something, believe you’re going to get it, and then just receive it, as if you already knew it was yours.

Here’s what happened. I’ve been looking for a new space for my boutique; a space I could finally call ‘home’ — my customers deserve this. They deserve a beautiful space to shop. They deserve a space as amazing as they are. And when I thought I’d found one, the realtor leased it from under me and never even had the decency to let me know, after weeks of calling.

I could have let that stop me. Poor me. Poor me. But no. I knew something better must be coming, so I put my positive energy out there…and I got the call. From my husband. He had found his forever space…he wanted me to see it. And it was truly what he deserved. Hardwood floors, crown moldings, a reception area. He had worked so hard over his 14 years to grow his engineering business, and had recently partnered with a well-respected colleague. His realtor met us at the new space, and we got to talking. I mentioned looking for a space of my own, and he told me one had just come on the market that he’d love to show me.

Within 10 minutes I was standing in my dream space. It had gleaming new hardwood floors, recessed lighting, gorgeous windows, parking…and it also had a hefty price tag. It was $700/month more than I could afford. I almost cried. “This is what my customers deserve.” I heard myself say to him. I could picture them shopping. I could see their smiles upon entering the boutique.

Within a few days, the realtor informed me that the owner had received two full-priced offers. But I didn’t give up. I wanted that space. I worked the numbers. I knew I could do…nope. Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t compete. Couldn’t.

And then I had a dream that the double doors to the space were painted black. Against the white trim, it was beautiful. I remember thinking how the black & white would look with my logo. I was already dreaming of filling it with gorgeous items for my customers.

When I woke up, this may sound weird, but I “asked” for the space. After already picturing it being mine, I formally asked for it. And then I decided to drive by that space and “believe” it was mine. I brought my kids to “my space” even though I hadn’t heard from the realtor and didn’t have a shot.

Rounding the corner, I pointed to the storefront. And there it was. Plain as day. The pale blue double doors had been painted black.

And while I hadn’t received a call from the realtor, tonight, I went shopping for items for the new space. I picked out gorgeous floral arrangements, display items…things that I thought my customers would love.

I came home. Got my little off to bed. Chatted with my other two. And then sat down to check my emails. And there, in the subject line, I read…” YOUR Lease” and the attachment was indeed the lease to my new space.

If you ever doubt yourself, stop. If you ever tell yourself you can’t, stop. Change your way of thinking.

Ask for what you want. Believe in your heart that it’s already yours. And then Receive it.

Dreams really do come true, people.

Start dreaming.

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