Holidays & All Things Chaotic

Christmas Vacation? I think not!

Day two of Christmas vacation for the kids. Already heard, “I’m bored” and “there’s nothing to do” about 8 times. Really kids? Really? Why on earth did I just spend the past three months shopping for things, shopping for things with Christmas vacation in mind. Because this week is tough on a mom. So I planned. I plotted. I knew the gifts would occupy you. Boy was I wrong!

Nothing to do? I call Shenanigans on that, sir! Shenanigans! Star Wars Monopoly, XBOX One….hello, not that the Wii and XBOX 360 weren’t enough? Guitar Hero with two guitars? Um, a friggin’ 5 foot tall doll house, with an elevator? Nothing to do?

Well, actually, not “nothing to do” because they have found arguing fun. They’ve found eating everything in sight fun. And by everything, I mean, my peppermint stick ice cream that I bought for myself – a little gift for me – and hid it in the back of the fridge. Yup. Gone.

I know I should be happy to have this time with them. This lazy-wake up late-no homework-no backpacks to pack-no lunches to make- time with them. And don’t get me wrong, I am happy. But with three kids who are evidently bored, they look to me to play with them. Each of them.

Oldest wants me to listen to him play guitar, that for a year he refused lessons and has been learning on his own – which is great, but I can only hear the first two lines of IRONMAN for just so long before my brain explodes.

And middle wants me to watch him animate a movie. Frame by frame. 100 pictures to make 4 seconds of film. After sitting with him on the hardwood floor of his bedroom, my butt got numb. My legs were pins & needles. I wanted to get up and leave, but I literally couldn’t.

Then little – God bless little. She wanted me to help her paint one of her new craft projects. And help her make headbands, and paint her nails, and play with her barbies, and on Christmas morning, make donuts with the new donut maker that I gave her. After making the first batch of 7 donuts, she grew bored and walked away. Forty donuts later, I was like, “what the fudge people!”

Did I mention this is Day two?



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