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Addicted to Sappy Christmas Movies

I have a confession. I’m addicted to the Hallmark Christmas Movie channel. Addicted. And here’s how I know. Today, my boys got off the bus, and usually I’m at the door greeting them. I’m offering them after school snacks and asking about their day. Not today. Nope. Um…not yesterday either.

Where was I? At the edge of my seat, crying over a single mom who was about to lose her house and custody of her child. At Christmas time! I couldn’t turn away. I had to know. How was she going to get out of this pickle? Well, I tell ya, it was Christmas magic! Whew. Good ole Santa Claus came through again.

My daughter came in a bit later, wanting help with homework and instead of sitting down with her, I found myself saying, “Daddy will be home in 10 minutes. Wait for him.” What? Who am I? Even my little looked at me like, “Who is this mom I’m talking to? Clearly, not my mom.” She shook her head, stood there looking at me, and then glanced at the television. “Oh, well that explains it!” she barked! “You’re watching another Hallmark Christmas movie!” rolled her eyes, and walked away.

Do y’all know about these movies? They are on non-stop, 24 hours until Christmas. Movies with snow, and Christmas trees, and decorations, and stories of hope and wonder and the magic of Christmas…and sometimes puppies. It’s like the best – channel – ever! The best!

I’m even rushing through dinner, barely cleaning up, and racing back to the next holiday story.

Bear with me family. It’s the Christmas season. It will be over soon.

I give you love, cookies and cake. I give you sound advice, help with homework, clean clothes and a warm bed.

Let me have this.


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