Life & Love & Lessons Learned

What’s Your Vice?

I like shoes. I like boots. It’s safe to say my love for footwear could be considered a slight addiction. But I can’t help myself. When those boxes arrive every month, and I take that baby pink cover off to reveal my latest heel, pump or bootie, my heart races. Oooh, and the colors – burgundy, beige & black with ankle strap, midnight blue suede. Outside of the birth of my children, and even perhaps marriage, the shoe arrival day is right up there!

It happens once a month. I know they’re coming (yes, I can never order just one pair), but it’s always a surprise. I think back before tearing open the box, Which ones are these? And the joy I feel is contagious because the kids know about this shoe-love, and when they see the boxes, they all run into the kitchen as I open them. Maybe secretly they think the box is for them. Not today my friend. Not today.

I’m totally justified in these little monthly purchases, too. Some women like their wine. Some women want the latest on-trend fashions. Some women like to go for weekends with the girls. I’ll take a platform heel in a printed jacquard construction any day of the week! Give me a faux suede Mary-Jane pump with a covered heel and a double vamp straps in black, and I’m all set!

My little girl, just the other day, asked to wear her ‘heels’ to school. I had purchased a cute black patent leather 1/2″ pump with crystal strap, for Sunday Church. She wanted to wear them with one of her new back-to-school dresses. After school, she ran through the front door, ripping off those gorgeous pumps, proclaiming, “Mama, now I know what it’s like to be you! I’ve been in those heels for 6 hours! No more! No way!

Okay, so this girl I birthed doesn’t share my affinity for all things shoes.

As for me, I’ll continue to have my vice.

What’s yours?

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