Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Old Songs & Memories

I like music. I like to sing to it, cook to it, decorate my Christmas tree to it. I’m pretty much always listening to music. Country, pop, oldies, love songs…you name it. I’m listening.  And more often than not, I like it loud.

So this morning, while driving to my boutique, I immediately started scanning the radio channels. The ride from home to the store is only 6 minutes, so my options aren’t many. By the time I find a song to listen to, I’m there.

Starting at the top of the dial and pushing frantically all the way down, I became frustrated with the song selection. Songs like, “Girls Like You,” “I’m a Mess,” and songs that I didn’t even recognize. Then…just before pulling in, I caught the tail-end of “Can’t Smile Without You” by Barry Manilow, and as I put my finger on the button to change it, I changed my mind instead. I found myself humming along, swaying back and forth, and smiling.

Memories. That song elicited memories. And I started thinking about other songs in my life that conjured up memories…you know, the kind of memories that still hurt a little, that still make your belly hurt? Those heart wrenching love songs that pull you back into history and make you remember your first love, first break up, first kiss?

And I started to think about “today’s” songs, and couldn’t imagine my kids having any memories associated with them. The lyrics…or lack thereof…are concerning. Almost an entire song talking about thunder. Another singer with lyrics about not being able to feel his face because he’s so high on drugs…these are the songs our kids are going to have fond memories of?

Even my go-to country songs…guy loses his wife but wins big on a scratch ticket? I don’t know. Is it me or are the best songs, the best singers, and the best lyrics, far behind us?

Lionel Ritchie – now there was an artist. Give me a Lionel Ritchie love song any day of the week. Or Chicago. Oh Chicago, how I love your ballads. And before I even hear the lyrics, as the first few notes start to play, I’m remembering.  I’m remembering my first unsupervised dance, and the boy who kissed me for the very first time, as we were dancing. “Wishing on a Star” -Rose Royce.

Going to the church dance and being asked by the boy I was crazy about, if I’d be his girlfriend, “My Love” – Lionel Ritchie.

Tenth grade dance, “Footloose” – (I’m realizing now I went to a lot of dances in my youth)

My first real breakup, “Somewhere Down the Road”  – Barry Manilow.

“These Dreams” – by the most kick-ass girl band ever – Heart; that even to this day, when I hear it, I literally have to sit down, close by eyes and listen. I remember him every. single. time.

I can’t even imagine having a memory to a song about Thunder. Or anything by Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. Is this even considered music? Am I just showing my age?

Well, if you’re like me…and miss the oldies but goodies – this one’s for you.


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