Life & Love & Lessons Learned

The Old Pool Table & The Lesson it Taught Me

For fourteen years, we’ve had a pool table in our basement. For most of those fourteen years it’s been covered with cushions, buoys and all things nautical from our boat. Over the years, it’s gone from “I’ll just leave this here for now,” to “I don’t want to deal with this, so I’ll pile it up on you, and let you deal with it.” as if it had a life of its’ own.

But that all changed the other day, when my middle asked, “Hey, what’s under here anyway?” And suddenly it became my absolute mission to restore that pool table to its former glory.

Now, if you’re following my blog, you know that I’m a sweaty mess as it is, from the glorious peri-menopausal situation that I’m currently enduring. I can blink, and I’m a hot mess. Literally. Add in the removal of over a decade of crap, and you can only imagine. Good times.

But once the pool table was revealed, it was truly a thing of beauty. Not a scratch on it. The balls, still as shiny and polished, as if time stood still. The chalk, still a vibrant blue. It was a masterpiece.

I looked at that pristine pool table, and out of the blue, I started to cry. It kinda just came on fast, and I didn’t understand it. Until I did.

I could relate to that pool table.

For years, my life was cluttered with things…overflowing. I was invisible. I lost myself in the chaos of bills, activities & deadlines.  I lost myself to the endless amount of things that kept getting piled on top and over me. So many things to keep track of – a business to run, kids to take care of, a house that needed cleaning, mountains of laundry that needed washing & folding. Dinners to make. Lunches to pack. So many things, important and not…that slowly overtook me, until I was no longer visible, just like that old pool table.

Peel away all of those things, and I’m still me. Yes, I’m a mom, a business owner, a cook, chauffeur, housekeeper…but at the heart of it all, when all is revealed, I too, am beautiful. I too, am timeless.

I too, deserve to be seen.

“I don’t want to deal with this, so I’ll pile it up on you, and let you deal with it.”

We are all guilty of letting things pile up. We are all guilty of losing ourselves from time to time, among the never-ending responsibilities, deadlines, and obligations.

But there is beauty in peeling back the layers and uncovering your true self.  Shedding the clutter and chaos.

Seeing your worth, when everything has been stripped away.

Because like that old pool table, you too, are a masterpiece.








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