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The Secret Jeep Society

A few months ago, I bought a new Jeep. Like, brand-spankin’ new, 2018 Jeep Wrangler sport, metallic gray with hard & soft top, wireless phone capability, and all the bells & whistles. It was my first brand new car. So not only was I super psyched about this purchase, a purchase that I’d wanted to make since I was 24 years old, but little did I know, I’d become part of a secret Jeep society as well!

In all my 50 years on this earth, I never knew there was a secret Jeep society (yes, that’s what I’m calling it) but for a girl like me, it’s right up my alley!

I get in the Jeep, and I drive…and whenever another Jeep passes by — the driver waves. Like…waves! And it’s the coolest wave ever – like, with just two fingers on the steering wheel, raised up, like, “hey, how’s it going?”

Or, and this is even cooler, if the doors of the Jeep are off, I get the sideways wave from out of the driver-side door! Like a sideways high-five! What is this magnificence? And why have I never known about this? I would have purchased a Jeep a long, long time ago! I feel so loved!

It makes me wonder if there are other secret societies of waving. Do Buick owners wave? What about Honda drivers? What’s their thing?

All I know is I wanna drive my Jeep everywhere, all the time.

I do however, feel like I snuck into this secret society – because I’ve had my Jeep for a few months and still haven’t taken off the doors, or the roof…I haven’t even changed the roof from hard to soft top. And I’m not a nature-girl, so I don’t go off-roading, or whatever that’s called. I don’t even unroll the windows and let my hair blow in the wind, ¬†because I don’t care what you say, hair whipping you in the face at 65 mph is not fun – not to mention it’s wicked dangerous! How can you see the road with all that hair in your face?

And I’m not a baseball cap kind-of girl. Or a braid girl. Or a ponytail girl.

But now that I know the wave, it doesn’t matter. I’m in!

And I’m loving it!

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