Back to School & Such Tragedies, Life & Love & Lessons Learned

And how was your week?

Last week was rough. I was pooped on by my dog, chased after a fox to save my chickens, had my poor little ear skin burned by a 410 degree curling iron, poked myself in the eye with a tweezers, and had an ongoing fight with a fly that just would not retreat.

Throw in the constant arguing with the kids to do their homework, eat dinner before asking for dessert, and defending my stance that no, in fact, I am not the biggest jerk on the planet…

As far as weeks go, it definitely wasn’t the best.

So you can imagine my excitement when Monday came around. Ahhh, the start of a new week. A week filled with endless possibilities. A great week to come. Yes, this would be much better.

I managed to get through this week with only a few hiccups along the way. Nothing as crazy as last week…until today. Friday. Ooooh so close to a perfect week.

Today my daughter was getting ready for a field trip. I had pre packed her lunch bag, and even drew little pink & blue flowers on it with her name. I was feeling ambitious I guess. The morning was going along smoothly, until I asked her to put on her jacket. It was just 59 degrees and she wore a tee shirt and sweater. Surely, she would need her coat for the outdoor field trip.

As she walked out the door, I reminded her to grab her jacket. “I don’t need it. I’m not cold!” She bellowed. For 9 years old, her voice sure does project.

Once we got to the bus stop and she got out of the car, I saw her huddle up with her bff. Perhaps she’s cold, I thought.  And for a second, I hesitated. I should let her be cold. That would teach her a lesson to listen to her mom. I mean, c’mon. I know best, right?

But instead, I unrolled the window and yelled out, “Hey, you want me to grab your jacket?” to which she responded with two thumbs up and a big smile. The bus was coming…I had to hurry. In standard Dolly fashion, I ran to the house in my 3″ heels…for a chick wearing heels I gotta say, I’m super fast!

I got in the car, and down the driveway. There’s the bus. I jumped out of the car waving the jacket frantically, and as the bus driver drove past me, smiled and waved. I guess she thought I too, was waving.  Crap.

Jumping back in the car, I decided to chase the bus. With 10 cars ahead of me, I somehow thought I could catch up to the bus at one of the next bus stops, jump out of the car, run to said bus, and hand off my girl’s jacket. This did not work. And I don’t advise trying it. You’ll look like a lunatic.

Ah finally…I was right behind the bus, and my daughter saw me. All the kids started running to the back of the bus (not safe, I know) and started cheering and clapping. I held the jacket up over the steering wheel and mouthed, “Hey, look. Your jacket. The jacket you didn’t want…refused to wear…and now here I am chasing the bus on the way to school so you won’t be cold!!!

I knew she couldn’t hear me, and I knew I probably looked crazy talking to my dash board, but I kept talking, all the while, holding up the jacket. “See? This is a mother’s love right here! This is how much I love you. I’m chasing you to school so you won’t be cold during your field trip. Because I love you. Because I care about you.”

I turned off the main road, taking a short cut, and pulled into the school grounds just as her bus pulled in behind me. Ahh Haaaa! I beat them! I did it!

Running across the grass, which by the way, isn’t easy in double strap Mary Jane heels, I made it to the bus. I saw my girl and all her friends…they were clapping! They were cheering. I was winded. I was sweaty. I felt my head start to pound. I was too old for these kinds of shenanigans.

She had her jacket. That’s all that mattered.

And now as she’s walking from the bus stop to the house, I see her smiling. She’s skipping. It must have been a great field trip.

And of course, she’s not wearing her jacket.







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