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Why I Can Never Drink Hot Coffee.

What is it about having the day off that makes me feel like I need to do a million things in order to feel worthy of having the day off? Every Monday, after I get my little to the bus, I’m almost giddy with excitement as I run up the front steps and into the house. I kick off my shoes, shed my jacket and reach for my steaming cup of pumpkin spiced coffee.

After a few minutes of sitting and sipping, I find myself looking around – looking, dare I say, for things to do. It’s my day off. I should be relaxing. I should be making mani/pedi appointments or getting these brows waxed, instead of plucking them myself, like I have any idea what I’m doing! There’s so many options for me…

But I stand. I put my coffee down. And I walk towards the basement door. There’s always laundry to do. It never ends. I could let it go today, on this day, my day off, but surely, if I do, it will just grow exponentially until it’s so unbearable, it will render me paralyzed to do nothing, and leave it in a heap until I forget that its clean, and wash it all again.

Once the laundry has been thrown in, and the dryer has been emptied, it’s up to my room to fold said laundry. And as I dump it on my bed, I remember my coffee, waiting for me downstairs. I head back down. I spot my daughter’s room – bed unmade. I make it, which reminds me to check the other 2 bedrooms. And of course I can’t just make the bed. No, I must change the sheets, because it’s my day off. And I simply don’t have time during the week to do it.

Okay, now I’ll get to my coffee. I’m smart. I already put it in the microwave to reheat it. It should be steaming hot again!

On the way downstairs, I remember the dishwasher needs to be emptied too. Okay, let’s get that done. Oh wait, today’s Monday. I have a weekly online event for my boutique on Mondays…I gotta get that started. Pulling a few items from inventory and posting it online, I wait for the orders to come in. Oh, right. My coffee!

I leave my office and head back to the kitchen and see the fire in the fireplace has gone out. Damn it. I had such a good one going this morning. Adding a few pieces of kindling and paper, the fire catches, and I catch a glimpse of my pooch. Nuts, I forgot to bring him out for his morning game of fetch. Which, by the way, is more about me fetching and him looking at me like he’s the human and I’m the pet.

Once we get back inside, I run back downstairs to change out the laundry, carrying up another load while the other is in the dryer. This is Monday. It’s my day off. I should be doing nothing. I should be…

I run to the computer and check sales. Oh good. Sales! I take a few minutes to send out invoices, print them, and remember I have a few orders that need to be shipped. Oh, and there’s the mailman. Early. Again. I’m like a raving lunatic, waving my hands in the air, like he’s going to see me from inside the mail truck. Gotta resort to “yooooohoooo” and hope he hears me. Good – shipments are out!

I run back inside, remembering the dishwasher. Gotta take care of that. And check the online sale again.

Oh wait, my coffee. I walk around for a few minutes trying to remember where I’d left it. After checking a few rooms, because after all, I am perimenopausal, I remember it’s in the microwave. I heat it for another 30 seconds, and while it’s heating up, I look out the kitchen window to see my chickens running around, squawking and carrying on. Wth.

Crap, their water has been knocked over.  But it’s too cold to go outside. But if I don’t refill it, they could die. Right? I mean, these are my choices, right? Okay, okay I’ll save the chickens.

I come back inside, wash my hands, check the fire. Damn it. Out again.

The day continues…it’s a busy one because now the kids are home from school, homework has to be done, and dinner has to be made.

I open the microwave to defrost the meat for the meatloaf, and there…waiting for me, is my coffee.

Not today my friend. Not today.



2 thoughts on “Why I Can Never Drink Hot Coffee.”

  1. Even without kids or chicken I feel you – it is my Saturday. I could finally go to the recycling center and drop off some of my old metal things, or the used up batteries, the old laptop that has died years ago … I could start the day with washing the dishes. I go into the living room, to check for things I might not have taken into the kitchen – oh, yeah, time to dust the cupboard, could do with some vacuuming – wait, next door is the bedroom, why don’t I throw in a machine of washing first and then do the other things … My tea gets colder and colder …
    But to be honest, most of the times I just don’t do a lot of the things that need to be done and end up in front of the computer and write comments on other people’s blogs


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