Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Finding Your Way Home

I’m sitting here, staring at a blank screen, wanting to write something, anything that will bring you home. If I could find the words…if I could reach you somehow…maybe, just maybe it would bring you back.

The truth is, you don’t even know me. My face has never crossed your path. We are strangers. Yet here I am trying to find you. Praying and worrying as only a mother can, though you are not my child. But you are someone’s daughter. You belong to someone. You matter to someone.

Oh my dear, beautiful girl, if you were here right now I would tell you,  you are loved. You are needed. And no matter what life is presenting to you right now, this will not define you or the young woman you are destined to become. You are greater than your troubles and fears. You can overcome anything that’s being thrown at you right now. You can. You have the power. You do.

I know – you don’t know me. Who am I to tell you anything. To offer any advice, or anything at all. And you’re right. But I was seventeen once too. And I dealt with my own demons – mine was in the form of an abusive boyfriend. Mine gave me bruises and scars. Mine took away all self-confidence, and beat me into submission, into isolation and heartbreaking sorrow.

And then one day I saw myself in the mirror…broken, bloody and bruised. And I decided not to become just another statistic. I decided to fight for myself, for my life. And from that moment on, I started living my best life.

It took work. It took determination and a lot of self-reflection. It took a long time for me to realize that I deserved to be loved. And an even longer time for me to find love, a love that I could trust with my heart.

And now I look back at that girl, and I don’t even recognize her. I’ve grown. I’ve changed. And I’m a better woman, friend, wife and mother as a result.

Women are incredibly strong. We are fierce. We are a force.

Whatever you’re facing right now – it’s temporary. It’s not who you are. It does not define you.

Find your way home. I promise the road you take to get back will become part of your amazing life-story; a story that could inspire someone else to find their way back home.


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