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I’m feeling sorry for myself today. It started early this morning, when my oldest asked what I thought of his hair. I should have known it was a trap. No matter what I said, it was going to be the wrong answer.  And it was.

Then my middle, usually my saving grace, the one I can count on to be kind, blatantly ignored a request. Wait, not just ignored the request, but dug in both heels to go beyond just ignoring the request, acting as if I was completely invisible, unseen, unheard. It was quite a blow.

Now, after cleaning up breakfast for my girlie, I see her run to the sofa, hop on, and grab her iPhone. I sat at the kitchen table, hoping she’d come back. Hoping we’d have a before-school conversation. Just the two of us. I glanced over, but she was engrossed.


That’s how I feel today. That’s the word. I’ve been thinking all morning about what it is I’m feeling and why I feel sad. And I guess that’s it.

I know. They’re at that age…teens, pre-teens…when everything I say is wrong. Everything I ask is unreasonable. Or that as they got older, they’d need me less?

I’ve read books. I’ve seen posts…I knew it was coming. Or did I?

Did I read those books and posts, shaking my head with silent arrogance and disbelief that my kids would ever treat me that way? Did I fool myself into thinking that I could be immune? That my kids wouldn’t one day roll their eyes and walk away.

Did I seriously think that if I went above and beyond in every aspect of their life…did I think they’d somehow they’d know how much I love them, and appreciate it?  Did I think they’d never hurt my feelings? Did I think they’d never make me feel invisible? Did I expect too much? Did I?

I love being their mom. I love each of them with such passion that it literally hurts my heart.

But sometimes I wonder if I’m doing it right.

Today is one of those days…


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