Life & Love & Lessons Learned

I Can Do It? Can I? Can I really?

So, I made a list this morning. After yesterday’s chocolate induced coma, I decided to jump back on the healthy horse and start eating right again. I don’t want a double chin. I don’t want to wear pants with elastic waists and tops that look like tablecloths. I need to do this. I gotta do this.

I opted for a healthy spinach and egg omelet, using my farm fresh eggs, and organic spinach. No cheese. No bread.

My list said, “No Bread, No Pasta, No Rice, No Sweets. Yes to Veggies, Yes to Eggs, Yes to Chicken and Fish. You can do it!” Yes, I CAN do it! I did it! Day one, meal one. Done. Nice!

I went to my boutique feeling refreshed, enthusiastic, and excited. Day One. Done.

Not so fast…

After a few hours at the boutique, I started to get hungry. Okay, I got this covered. I had picked up a strawberry yogurt on the way in. With orange juice. Nice. Two healthy options.

By 2:30 p.m. the craving beast was rearing its ugly head…but I was able to resist the Hershey Chocolate miniatures. I was able to resist the peppermint candies at my front desk.  I’ve got this.

But then I remembered it. I remembered I’d put it into my purse on Valentine’s Day – chocolate. The gift that just keeps on giving. And not just any chocolate – the new M&Ms chocolate bar. Have you seen this thing? It’s chocolate with mini M&Ms inside of it. It’s a masterpiece.

Guess what else it is?

FOUR servings. FOUR. Have you ever heard of anything so sinister as to sell a candy bar as a FOUR serving snack? Who eats one candy bar four different times of day? That’s just mean people. Mean. 600 calories in one candy bar. Not cool, M&M.

Yadda yadda yadda…300 calories later, I realize I may not be as ready for my new healthy lifestyle as I’d thought.

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