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My Morning with Mom

So now that my folks have moved across town, to what I consider the tip of the earth, there’s no more “pop in,” no more “see you in a few minutes” – no, our time has to be planned now. We have to schedule places to meet, because you know..neither one of us wants to drive the 20 minutes across town. I know. We’re jerks.

Anywho…today’s planned get-together was, of all places, Walmart. My mom needed a few things for their new condo, and I’ve been on a redecorating kick, and needed a few toss pillows for my bedroom. In and out. It should have been a breeze. But again, we were at Walmart.

I should have known we’d be in trouble when we only got 1 carriage. Within minutes, that thing was toppling over with lamp shades, pillows and comforters. We nearly hit three elderlies, and almost took out a pair of nuns.

In the Kitchen section, we were called to the carpet for not knowing what a silicone ice cube tray was by an older gentleman with a cane, who shamed us for not knowing they’ve been around for years. I was fascinated. Have you seen these? They make ice cubes for water bottles. Clever. Who knew? Well, apparently everyone but mom and I. And when I tried to scan it for a price, I was corrected by said gentleman, who asked if I’d perhaps been drinking, as I couldn’t figure out how to scan it. He did like my shoes though.

We finally managed to get to the line, you know, the 1 of only 2 lanes open while all the other Walmart workers were walking around, looking up and down the aisles, as if they were playing a secret game of hide and seek.

Two people ahead of us – not bad. We should only have to wait a few minutes. Um, no. The cashier seemed to be working in slow motion, like super slow motion. Like a boss!

Looking behind us, we noticed an elderly gentleman with one item. How could we let him wait? We let him go, shielding him from the daggers of the customers behind him. We told him, he deserved to go ahead of us. He thanked us for making him feel special, and I told him to just get in front of us before they started to riot.

After what seemed like eternity, we finally got out of the store. I was sweating – menopause of just sheer anxiety of having to wait so long?

We decided to treat ourselves to lunch. All in all, it was a good outing.

I can’t wait to see what the next one brings.

Thanks, mom.



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