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My Secret Book Fetish

I love books. I love reading them. I love the way they feel. I even love the way they smell…yes, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve sniffed my share of books. Specifically, I love hardcover books. There’s something about holding a big, heavy hardcover on your lap that makes you feel like you’re doing something with your life. Plus, I don’t like when my book covers get bent. I’m very careful to not crease the pages as I’m reading, and when I’m done, the book looks as if it had never been touched. I’m kind of a book nut.

I do however, fear that I may have some kind of book fetish because I love to buy books, like really love to buy books; 3 and 4 at a time. I scan the best sellers online first. Next, I move on to any new & improved parenting methods, cause yah, those always work. Finally, I move on to the power of positive thinking and all things overcoming adversity…and I can’t simply decide on just one. And worse yet, if I read a book, love it, and find out the author has written more than one book, I purchase all of them. It doesn’t matter if I actually like the book.

I  M U S T have them all.

I wait anxiously for that Amazon box to arrive. And when it does, I rip open the box, taking books in hand and smile. Ahhh yes. Happiness.

Come to think of it, the books don’t even have to be mine.  Book fairs at the kids’ school are my favorite. I go with a list. I peruse the aisles of Pinkalicious, and Minecraft, of Captain Underpants, and Dog Man. My kids pick out one book, and I end up at the check-out with a receipt for $75 and a bag heavier than my purse! I literally cannot stop myself.

Well, today, I reached a new level of crazy.


While vacuuming my living room, I knelt down to get the dust bunnies that live under the couch, and on my coffee table were two of the same book. Two different covers: one hardcover, one soft. Both purchased by me. Neither read. Neither. Why would I purchase (1) the same book twice, and (2) a softcover at that?

I think before I buy another book, I need to take inventory of what I already have.


Although I’m pretty sure there’s a new Elin Hilderbrand coming out, so…


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