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Getting Ready for the Dance

My son is getting ready for his Freshman semi-formal right now.

I’ve been asking him for weeks if he needed anything for the dance; a new shirt, pants…a hair cut maybe? Nope. He was ‘all set’ – until this morning. Just 12 hours before the dance. “I need a shirt. Oh, and a tie.” That in and of itself would have been okay had he not specified the exact color of each that he wanted. But I’m the mom. I’m a magic maker. A miracle worker.

Oh and shoes…because you can’t wear sneakers you know. No, actually, I didn’t know. I guess I’ll run out and get shoes too. With a size 13 foot at 15 years old, that should be an absolute breeze.

Got home just before he got off the bus. Got everything he needed. I was so proud of myself. I felt a sense of accomplishment. Crisis averted.

Cinderella was ready for the ball.

He’s wearing a black shirt, black dress pants and navy/black tie. A little Johnny Cash, a little Green Day.

Now, with a little less than 20 minutes before he has to go, he can’t find his school i.d.

What the what? 

God help me.

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