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The Kindness of Strangers

Last week, I wrote about my son. He didn’t make the high school baseball team. He was devastated. We were heartbroken for him. It was a hard day.

Later that evening, I received a private message from a young woman who’d come into my boutique once or twice. She’d read my blog and asked if my son would like to be coached by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had coached at the university level, specializing in pitching. What? Really?

When I told my son that someone had reached out and offered coaching assistance, the smile on his face was wider than I think I’ve ever seen. He started asking who, how, when, what, where…he was elated! And for 15 years old, elated isn’t a word usually associated with teens!

I couldn’t believe the generosity of this man, to offer coaching assistance to someone he didn’t know. I couldn’t believe the kindness of this woman, who I’d only met once or twice…who reached out to me, because she knew my son was hurting.

Just a few days later, we met at a baseball field in my home town, and he coached my son for over an hour. He videotaped his swing, so he could look at it throughout the week and practice his stance. He helped with his pitching, the way he holds the ball, and worked on different techniques to help him improve his hitting. A virtual stranger, offering help, without accepting compensation.

And you know what I realized, in that moment? Well, not realized, but remembered. There is good in this world. There are kind souls. There are people in this world who still care, who still offer help, offer their time, their patience & their hearts.

In a world where we are constantly barraged with bad news on every social platform; we can tend to believe that is indeed the world we live in.  But we’re doing ourselves a disservice if that’s all we see.

Don’t let the media fool you.  There is good in this world.

Look around your life. Your real-life life. And if you aren’t seeing the good, be the good. If you aren’t seeing kindness, be the kindness.

This young couple who helped my son this week, may not realize it, but they are living examples of God’s love in this world. I truly believe that.

And I’m thankful for the kindness of strangers.



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