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Goodbye, Sheldon

It’s not enough to have 5 chickens, a 3-year old puppy, and 3 kids…let’s add turtle to the mix. Yes, a turtle.

Last week was busy enough…what, with my mom having a total knee replacement and running back & forth to the hospital to check on her – a story for another day. Or the fact that I was hosting a Memorial Day bbq – with the inlaws no less. No, let’s add a 30-lb turtle to the mix. Sure, why not?

I was standing on the upper deck, sweating…as I often do now that I’m premenopausal (you’re welcome), but also because I was running around like a madman planting flowers, setting up the furniture, placing cushions and pillows strategically…preparing fresh lemonade and appetizers for the party that was about to start.

I looked across the lawn – something wasn’t right. I squinted. What the heck was that, moving across the lawn? It was indeed a turtle. Of course it was. Why not add to the chaos that is my life. It was hot. This turtle was about to drop dead in the middle of my lawn, in the middle of my party. Not cool, turtle. Not cool.

How this turtle ended up in my backyard is a mystery. In order to get to the grass, he would have traveled from the lake, across the baseball field, down a one way street, and through the back of our acre lot, filled with trees, branches & twigs. He must have heard about our party!

So what do you do when faced with an uninvited guest?

You corner it, capture it, and get it the heck outta there. Done and done.

After some gentle sweeping, not so gentle cussing…and more sweating, we managed to get the turtle in the box. And off he went to the lake.

Goodbye, Sheldon.

See you at the next party!

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