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Back to School is When?

My kids have been out of school for maybe 2 weeks. I lost track already. It feels like literally, forever. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda done with it.

The first few days were great! I went shopping and picked up what I thought was an endless supply of paint, paintbrushes, canvas & sketch paper. I bought enough glue to make at least 10 different kinds of slime. I got water toys, pool rafts, snacks…I got this! All I gotta do now is sit by the pool and relax. Work on a nice tan, for the first time in like, forever. The kids are old enough now. 15,13 and 9. They aren’t babies. No more pool floaties. No more diapers, or keeping an eagle eye on them in the pool. I can relax.

This is gonna be the BEST. SUMMER. EVER!

And then, like minutes after school ended, I heard those dreaded words, “I’m bored.” It came from my youngest.

“There’s nothing to do,” came from my middle and oldest, and while I tried to smile and breathe through it, I was already dying on the inside. OMG NO! Please tell me this isn’t happening already.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had sleepovers, a steady stream of pool parties, attended movies, driven across town for my kids’ favorite ice cream, and as I type this, apparently I’m having a s’mores party by the firepit, hosted by my oldest.

I’m tired. I’m old, man. I’m too old for this. I just wanna put on my pajamas and curl up with my book club book, and read in bed. I want peace. I want quiet. I want my house back.

But it’s only the 2nd week in July.

Every day I wake up and it’s another day of, “What are we doing today?” and “There’s nothing to do!”  And I want to pull my ears from my head, just to not hear it anymore.

I find myself dreaming of September. Pencils and binders. Schedules and freedom. My freedom. 

I know, I know – “This time is fleeting. You’ll miss it.” Yah, yah…I know. And you’re right.

And come September, I will bid the kids adieu as they each get on a different bus, for a different school…one in high school, one in junior high and one in middle. I will go back to waking up at the crack of dawn, packing lunches, and getting them all off to school on time.

And I’m sure I’ll write about how much I miss them.

But not today.




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