Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Dealing with Surgery and the Aftermath

Last year my mom underwent foot surgery. My dad handled it like a champ…chimp? First, he lost the house keys, after picking her up from the hospital the day she was finally released, and while frantically looking for said keys, left her in the wheelchair at the top of a hill in their front yard.

He was like a phone nazi whenever I called – answering on the first ring because he wanted her to rest, then telling her to call him from her cell if she needed anything, but took her cell phone so she could rest. He was kind of a menace.

Suffice to say, my dad doesn’t handle her sicknesses well.

Well, back in May, she underwent another surgery – this time, full knee replacement. She should have been in and out in a few days, but ended up in rehab for over 10 days, and contracting a pretty serious infection that kept her out of commission for another 2 weeks.  It’s safe to say my dad is pretty much lost without her.

My dad’s been living on McDonald cheeseburgers and subs. And as much as he’s missed her, I think he misses her cooking more! Every few days, I’ll get a call, “Honey, what are ya making for dinner?” Poor guy is dying for a home cooked meal.

Now, it’s been a few months of recovery, not the few weeks that were originally expected. Unfortunately, she’s now got kidney stones, and is back in the hospital.  And she’s not happy about it. I’ll even venture a guess…she’s pissed!

I mean, she’s already dealt with the foot, the knee, and even a pretty serious infection. Now she’s got friggin’ kidney stones? Really?

And she’s lost her appetite. My dad, has not. So when he goes in and sees her tray of pasta or turkey & stuffing, he’s like, “You gonna eat that?” The guy is starving. Well, no…not really. I’ve been loading him up with homemade food in serving trays and containers. He’s doin’ alright for himself.

But it’s not the same. He misses his wife. He misses sitting across the dinner table from her, and talking about their day; sharing a glass of wine and listening to Frank Sinatra. He misses sitting on their balcony and watching the boats go by. He misses her.

And the meatballs. My god the meatballs!



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