Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Don’t Listen to Them…

They’ll tell you, you can’t. Don’t listen to them.

They’ll tell you, you have no experience, no money, no plan. Don’t listen to them.

They’ll say you’re too young, too old – you are too busy and have no time. You’ll spread yourself too thin. Don’t listen to them.

They’ll shatter your dreams, wreck your confidence, break your spirit. Don’t listen to them.

They will try to poke holes in the goals you’re trying to achieve. If given the chance, they’ll keep you exactly where you are — right now — in this same exact spot, where you don’t want to be anymore.

You want more. You have passion, a desire, a dream, a grand plan for the future.

If you listen to them, they will break you completely. They will make you give up. They will keep you in the status quo. They will ruin your chance for the future you’re trying to create.

These aren’t your friends, your coworkers, your family members. No, this isn’t your significant other, your parents or children. These aren’t even acquaintances. These are far worse.

These are YOUR words.

These are YOUR thoughts.

These are the words you tell yourself.

But I’m here to tell you, you can.

Imagine if you re-trained your thoughts. Imagine if everything you’ve ever wanted was entirely possible, and you believed in yourself? Can you imagine it?

Words are powerful. Yes, words from those we admire, respect and cherish…those words matter. But what we tell ourselves can be crippling. Don’t listen to those words of defeat, of negativity.

You want to start a business? Do it.

You want to write a blog? Do it.

You want to live in the suburbs with five chickens, a dog, and some goldfish? Have at it!

These may sound grandiose, or perhaps even silly…but this is exactly my life.

Has everything been sunshine and roses? No. Not at all, actually.

I’ve overcome horrific abuse in my 20s, sending my abuser to prison. I turned that experience into a positive one, writing about it, speaking on the steps of the Massachusetts State House, as an advocate for battered women.

I’ve suffered two miscarriages, in the early years of my marriage. But I’ve now been blessed with three amazing kids. And because of those losses, I don’t ever take these children for granted. This life I’ve been blessed with. I love hard. I’m grateful daily.

When I was a year into my business, I lost my storefront, and went through what I realize now, was depression.

It took 6 months of struggling and clawing my way back, but I was able to get another store front, and now, coming up on 7 years in business, my little boutique has received over 40 awards, including Regional Favorite and #1 Women’s Clothing & Gift Store.

Am I special? Is this success only meant for me? Nope.

I just didn’t give up. I didn’t listen to any negativity. I didn’t dwell on those setbacks, but used them as set ups for a comeback.

You can have anything you’ve ever wanted. You can.

And when you tell yourself, “You’ve got this, girl!” Listen.






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