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Truth Be Told…

I’m a work in progress. I have high expectations of myself, but also those in my circle, my tribe; inevitably leading to disappointment.

I sometimes compare myself to those of whom I admire and respect; often forgetting that by doing so, I’m comparing my shortcomings to their successes. Like the filter of a picture posted to Facebook or Instagram. It’s not the reality.

I like to think of myself as a neat freak (yes, I said I actually like to think of myself that way), but I’m more of a throw-everything-in-a-drawer-when-company-arrives-and-forget-where-I-put-it, kind of girl.

I often jump into things feet first, without thinking things through. I’m impulsive. I’m a risk taker. These things aren’t necessarily bad…but if I’m listing my truths, these are some of them.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re like, why am I reading this right now? Why do I care about her truths? (or if you actually do care, much thanks my friend!)

Here’s the thing- in order to be the best version of ourselves, we need to know our truths. We need to know ourselves. We need to be real, like hard-core real and honest with the person we are; good, bad and indifferent.

Realizing I hold high expectations of others is crucial, because I also recognize it’s not fair. I also recognize not every person I meet or come across is like me, nor do I want them to be. My expectations have no power over another human being, and that’s exactly how it should be.

Realizing that I jump feet first into things, helps me to think twice when I think about adding a new line to my boutique, or putting together a new promotion. I’ve made many a mistake by jumping in feet first, but every mistake has led to a new idea, new revelation, and new level of success.

Being a risk taker isn’t a bad thing, if you have the follow through and sticktoitiveness skills, if it fails.  Can you get back up? Can you overcome the misstep and keep going? Taking risks is essential in my business – taking, not careless, but calculated risks.

Comparing myself to others – there’s literally nothing good about that. If you find yourself doing that, stop it. Like, right now! When you compare yourself to someone else, you are neglecting to realize all they’ve overcome to get to where they are. You’ve skipped the process. You’ve fast forwarded to where they are now, and comparing yourself to something you have no business comparing yourself to.

You do you. 

Every day, wake up and try to be a better version of yourself.

Every day, try to make a difference; in your own life, in the life of those around you, in this world. Believe it or not, one voice does make a difference. One kind deed can start a ripple effect. It just takes one.

Today I challenge you to explore your truths. How have they molded you? How will they change as a result of coming clear with them today? And what will you do to be the best version of yourself.

Truth be told, you’re already pretty great. Never forget that.



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