Life & Love & Lessons Learned

On Kids…

So I’m reading over a few of my own blog posts, and I realize a lot of them are about marriage and kids. And not in a good way. I write a lot about the stress of it all, and how it’s hard to keep it all together. How I sometimes wanna run away and well…you know…be free.

And then I think about the past 48 hours. My husband and boys have been away at a white water rafting weekend with the Boy Scouts, and I’ve had my girl all to myself. And I thought about last night, after working all day and being excited for a long-awaited, long-overdue girl’s night out, while making plans for her to stay at my brother’s house, she called. “Mommy, can it be just us tonight?”

And I realized these moments are fleeting. Soon she’ll be wanting to hang with friends, and then perhaps a boyfriend…she’ll be busy. She’ll grow and become independent and start spreading her wings.

“Of course!” I replied. Cancelling plans, and making new ones with her. A trip to the ice cream store where we loaded up on hot fudge and toppings. And face painting, movie watching, baking and silliness. She paused the movie several times to sing, to dance, to entertain – as only she can. We laughed until we cried. And when I tucked her in, she threw her arms around my neck and said I was the best mom ever. The best.  That’s saying a lot!

This morning, she came down the stairs all glassy-eyed; walked up to me, not saying a word, and hugged me hard. And as I bent down to meet her hug, I realized just how grateful I am for this life; this crazy, unrelenting, overwhelming and beautiful life.

So while I may write about the challenges of being a wife and mother, make no mistake, I am extremely grateful, thankful, and blessed.


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