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Enjoying Christmas Even After it’s Gone.

So it’s three days after Christmas. The excitement, the anticipation, the stress…it’s all over. According to my Facebook memories, by this date every year, the decorations are already taken down, and there is no trace of Christmas left in the house. Goodbye red ribbons and bows, goodbye mantle garland, goodbye poinsettias. But not this year.

I am so quick to end the season. So quick to clean the house, and stuff everything back up into the attic.  By this time every year, I’ve had decorations up since October: first Halloween, then Fall and Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. The house has been decorated for months, and by the end of the month, I am always so eager to put it all away and have my house back to normal.

But today, as I looked around the house, I felt a sort of sadness. I didn’t want to let it go. I didn’t want to stuff it all in boxes and forget. The house, packed with friends and family on Christmas Eve, and running outside with all the littles to leave reindeer food, watching them twirl around on the front lawn throwing it up in the air like confetti; pouring the milk and setting out the cookies for Santa – it was all so magical.

Not gonna lie, I’m actually going to miss, Ziddle, our Elf on the Shelf; the waking up from a dead sleep in a sweat because I forgot to move him. Okay, well maybe I won’t miss that, but I will miss the sheer wonderment of it all.

And it got me thinking – just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean we have to act like it is. We shouldn’t need decorations and sappy movies, to remind us to be kind to one another. We should always be kind. We should always be the best version of ourselves; hold doors for people, greet someone with a smile. It shouldn’t be a certain time of year, it should be always.

So while I will be putting my decorations away a little late this year, and soon there will be no trace of Christmas, I will not put away my joy. I will not forget the way it felt to wake on Christmas morning to the sound of my kids’ sheer excitement.

I will make it a point to enjoy Christmas and that magical Christmas feeling, every day.

And I encourage you to do the same. Open a door for someone. Pay it forward at the drive thru, smile, say a kind word. Make a call instead of sending a text.

Let’s start a ripple effect of hope, love and joy – and make it known that there is still good in this world, not just around the holidays, but every day.




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