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We’re NOT all in this together.

Not gonna lie – this is all starting to become a little too much. I guess I took for granted that I lived in a country based on freedom. I could come and go as I pleased. I could shop wherever I wanted, see whomever I wanted. I could walk down the aisles of a supermarket in any direction without fear of the police scolding me. I was free.

And now I’m not. I’m not free to leave my house without a mask, without care. I’m not free to open my small business, because apparently, contrary to what I believed, I’m actually not essential. Not in the way that matters, anyway.

I’m not free to take my kids to a park, to the beach, to a friend’s house. I’m not free to visit my folks, attend my church, or shake a hand.

And I know I’m not alone, and I’ve heard “we’re all in this together.” Turn on the television and you’ll see celebrities telling us that, you’ll hear the news anchors and big box stores reminding us that we’re all in this together.

But are we really? Because I don’t feel like we are. I feel like those telling us to stay home and go without pay, have no idea what that actually feels like.

I’ve seen the tv specials with movie stars and singers, coming together from their million dollar homes, and putting on concerts – because “we’re all in this together” – seriously?

Do they understand what it’s like to choose between rent or food? Explaining to the kids that they can’t have their usual 2-3 choices of ice cream or cookies because mom and dad are both entrepreneurs and don’t have a stimulus package, a PPP loan or any of the help that was promised? And every day that passes during this pandemic, a sense of panic grows within us because while big box stores, liquor stores, hardware stores and so many others remain open, our businesses are flailing, with no date of reopening on the horizon?

We’re not all in this together.

And it sucks. And it’s not fair to our children who haven’t seen their friends, their teachers, their family…and have completely lost their sense of normalcy, for close to two months. They never got to clean out their lockers, say goodbye to the school they will now graduate from without a graduation, without recognition and without a prom.

The daily news briefings remind us how vital it is to stay home. To stay in. To stay safe. This virus is deadly. So many deaths, so many infected. Yes, but if you’re a national chain, or liquor store, or hardware store, or garden center, or…or…or…you apparently know how to handle the social distancing.  So,  it doesn’t apply to all of us, does it?

With hundreds of shoppers in those stores, they seem to be handling the social distancing, but small businesses with perhaps 10 shoppers on any given day, are closed. We cannot be trusted to social distance. We cannot be trusted to keep our customers safe. But you can stand behind plexiglass and pick up your gin. Stand 6-feet apart and pick up the paint for a new home project.

We’re not all in this together.








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