Life & Love & Lessons Learned

After The Storm

So…three months have come and gone. A lot has occurred over the past three months. My business was closed, the kids were “remote” learning, my husband was working from home. Things changed. Life as we knew it…changed.

It was hard. Social distancing. Face masks. We weren’t allowed to see our folks, our friends. We sheltered in place. We worried. Jobs were put on hold, some lost. We couldn’t mourn the loss of loved ones. We couldn’t graduate. We couldn’t celebrate. We couldn’t marry.

But we were starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, right? And then…

Riots, looting, protests in the streets. Murder. Devastation. As I watched the nightly news,  I was stunned. Surely, this wasn’t the United States of America. Surely, my country would never look like this. And yet –

I wanted to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head and forget. I wanted to ignore it. I wanted to deny it. No, this wasn’t our United States.  But it was. 

Black Lives Matter. Defund the Police. History being destroyed. History being erased. Black men murdered. White men murdered. Black owned businesses being destroyed in the name of the black man who was murdered. How does this make any sense?

It seems you can’t be on the side of right or wrong because you’re criticized either way.  What is right anymore?

It’s all just too much.

And it shook me to my core.  And I worried about my children’s future. I went to bed, tossing and turning and having a horrible sleep, because I couldn’t wrap my head around all the pain.  I’ve been wandering around the house, and trying to calm my mind. And then, in the light of the night sky, I saw my bible on the coffee table. And I immediately realized I’m not alone.

My uncle used to tell me, when I worried, to turn to a page in the bible, point to the word of God, and read what I saw. And that’s exactly what I did.

And for the first time, in a long time, I realized I don’t need to worry.  Because as bad as things are, I have God. I have Jesus. I have faith. I have love. I have dedication.

Where one gathers in His name, there is Love.

I can’t change the world. I can’t change society – but I can change me. I can choose love. I can choose hope. I can live my life as He taught us.

It takes just one voice. If we all make a choice to be good, to do good, to live a good life, we can change it.

After the storm, we will still be standing in faith. We will still be standing as ONE country, as ONE people united.





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