Life & Love & Lessons Learned

An Open Letter to My Children…

Okay, I'm gonna lay it right out, put my cards on the table right now and tell you, I'm not ready. I mean, I knew it was coming...I could feel it. It began with the bedtime routine, of not needing me to tuck you in; brushing your teeth on your own and goodnight kisses and… Continue reading An Open Letter to My Children…

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

A Bad Parenting Day…

Before I had children, I envisioned myself as the 'cool' mom, whatever that meant. I had literally zero idea, as (1) I didn't have kids and (2) didn't know the first thing about raising 'em. Yet somehow I couldn't imagine myself ever yelling at these imaginary children. I couldn't imagine leaving the room out of… Continue reading A Bad Parenting Day…

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

When a Door Closes…Literally

Doing the morning scroll...not stroll, you read it right - scroll, I came across a memory from four years ago. You gotta love Facebook for reminding you of every painful occurrence from years past. Then again, I'm the one who posted it, so... Anyway, four years ago today, I got the call at 10 a.m.… Continue reading When a Door Closes…Literally

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

When The New Wears Off…Way Off

So my husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary. Seventeen years married and nineteen years together. For a girl who ran from every commitment ever, that's pretty good, right? That's like...a long time. But it hasn't been without its challenges. When you've been married for a bit, and the novelty of it has long… Continue reading When The New Wears Off…Way Off

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The Vacation – Prequel

Within 24 hours I'll be in a car, with three kids, a dog and a husband - heading out for our end of Summer-before school starts, vacation. It's been a while since I've gone on vacation. Like, years. Many, many years. I should be looking forward to it. The beach, the rest & relaxation. The unplugged… Continue reading The Vacation – Prequel

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

I wanted to look pretty. I mean, it's not everyday you have the honor of singing the entrance song for the bride - and not just any bride. My nephew's bride. My nephew, who since birth, I'd considered my own. Because, you know...being an unmarried girl in my mid-to-upper 20s, it was pretty clear, he… Continue reading When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

You’re Worth More Than You Know

If you've been following my blog, you know my mom has been through a lot this year; foot surgery, knee replacement, kidney literally never ends. And it's taken a toll on her spirit. Just when she begins to heal from one thing, another pops up, making it harder to deal with her recovery. Through… Continue reading You’re Worth More Than You Know