Life & Love & Lessons Learned

An Open Letter to My Children…

Okay, I'm gonna lay it right out, put my cards on the table right now and tell you, I'm not ready. I mean, I knew it was coming...I could feel it. It began with the bedtime routine, of not needing me to tuck you in; brushing your teeth on your own and goodnight kisses and… Continue reading An Open Letter to My Children…

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Back to School is When?

My kids have been out of school for maybe 2 weeks. I lost track already. It feels like literally, forever. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda done with it. The first few days were great! I went shopping and picked up what I thought was an endless supply of paint, paintbrushes, canvas & sketch paper.… Continue reading Back to School is When?

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

Leave the Girl, Take the Cookies

I already know I'm going to be one of those parents. One of overprotective, over-intrusive mom who asks inappropriate questions and embarrasses her kids. I can feel it. I'm trying to fight the urge. I'm trying to take a deep breath and think it through. Think before I speak, sort of thing. But my… Continue reading Leave the Girl, Take the Cookies

Back to School & Such Tragedies, Life & Love & Lessons Learned

And how was your week?

Last week was rough. I was pooped on by my dog, chased after a fox to save my chickens, had my poor little ear skin burned by a 410 degree curling iron, poked myself in the eye with a tweezers, and had an ongoing fight with a fly that just would not retreat. Throw in… Continue reading And how was your week?